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Service definitions

The Manchester eScholar Support Team
The Manchester eScholar Support Team - From left to right, Phil Butler, Nilani Ganeshwaren, Scott Taylor, Tom Grahame, Jon Besson (MaDAM Project)

What is Manchester eScholar Services? What does it do? What doesn't it do? - the below service definitions aim to help researchers and others who already use Manchester eScholar and are new to it answer these questions.

The Manchester eScholar Support Team underpin and develop these services. Manchester eScholar, locally refered to as eScholar, is the hub of our services and is the University's institutional repository.

Ultimately, the Manchester eScholar Support Team aspire to meet the needs of all individuals and organisations who wish to use our services. However, conflicting requirements do mean meeting everyones requirements all the time can be difficult for us to achieve. Where difficulties arise in meeting particular requirements we will ensure individuals are fully aware of the reasons for these and offer alternative solutions where possible.

Feedback is essential to our services. We aim to respond to all feedback in a timely manner and using the most appropriate means e.g. via email, telephone and/or face-to-face meeting. We aim to respond to email and telephone feedback within 3 working days of the first contact. Our telephone support line is available during core office hours (Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm, excluding national holidays). When individuals need face-to-face support we make ourselves available to meet at a convenient time within 3 working weeks of the initial request.

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