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Manchester eScholar deposit license

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Why have a deposit license?

This repository supports the long-term preservation of the digital objects that you deposit. To undertake this role, the administrators of the repository need permission to store, copy and manipulate the digital objects in order to ensure that they can be preserved and where appropriate made available in the future.

This Deposit License is designed to give repository administrators the right to do this, and to confirm that the depositor has the right to deposit the digital object to the repository. The License is non-exclusive, and the depositor does not give away any of their rights to the repository.

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Depositor’s obligations

The Depositor hereby confirms that,

  1. the Depositor is the owner of the copyright of the whole digital object (including content and layout) or is duly authorised by the owner(s), or other holder of these rights and is competent to grant under this agreement, a license to hold and where permissible disseminate copies of the digital object
  2. the digital object is not and shall be in no way a violation or infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent, or other rights whatsoever of any person
  3. The Depositor warrants that they have made all necessary copyright checks in depositing the digital object and understands that Manchester eScholar does not assume any legal responsibility if there is any breach of copyright in distributing this digital object.

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Manchester eScholar rights and obligations

The Depositor grants Manchester eScholar a non-exclusive, perpetual right to use the digital object for non-commercial use. Such right shall include, but not be limited to, the right to,

  1. electronically store, archive, copy or convert the digital object for preservation purposes and to ensure future accessibility without changing the content
  2. where no embargo applies electronically view and display the digital object on the World Wide Web
  3. expose the digital object to be indexed and displayed by third party federated search services
  4. create or enhance the metadata record associated with the digital object in order to improve visibility, accuracy and provenance
  5. Manchester eScholar shall provide a persistent URL to the digital object, however reserves the right to restrict access to the URL for a digital object, e.g., in order to enforce copyright holders’ embargo
  6. Manchester eScholar will co-operate with the Depositor to ensure that digital objects are replaced or removed as needed to comply with claims related to the digital object’s copyright in line with Manchester eScholar’s Take-down Policy
  7. although due care will be made to preserve the physical integrity of the digital objects, Manchester eScholar shall incur no liability for the loss of or damage to deposited digital objects
  8. Manchester eScholar shall not be under any obligation to take legal action on behalf of the Depositor or other rights holders in the event of breach of intellectual property rights or any other right in the digital object deposited

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The entire right, title and interest in the copyright, design right and database right in the digital object throughout the world.
The copyright holder(s) of the digital object, be it its author(s) or copyright owner(s) as appropriate, or any other person duly authorised by the copyright holder to grant the rights in this License.
Digital Object
A collection of computer files that contain digital content (images, texts, sounds, video) and/or data descriptive of the content and its digital form.

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