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British Election Study Panel 2014-2015

Fieldhouse, Edward; Green, Jane; Evans, Geoffrey; Schmitt, Hermann; van der Eijk, Cees ; Mellon, Jon; Prosser, Chris

[Observational data] version 1.2. 2015. The University of Manchester.

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These data represent form part of British Election Study consisting of each of the first six waves of the Internet Panel, the 6th wave having been conducted immediately after the British General Election in May 2015. The study design aimed at sampling 12500 English, 5000 Scottish and 2500 Welsh respondents. Respondents were eligible for the survey if they are aged 16 or older and will be able to vote in any type of UK election (including local and European). This file contains all respondents who took any wave of the study, Around 30,000 respondents were interviewed in each wave (referred to as the full sample). However, we also define a smaller core sample of around 21,000 respondents in each wave that constitute a cross-sectional group which is more representative than the full sample (i.e. the range of weights is smaller than in the full sample). For cross-sectional work, where you wish to say something about the proportion of the population giving a certain response, we recommend using this core sample. In total 30,027 respondents took wave 6 of the British Election Study. 27,926 of these also took wave 5, an overall wave on wave retention rate of 90.9%. 26,112 respondents took all three election waves (4,5 and 6). 16,799 respondents took all of the first six waves of the survey, 55.6% of respondents who originally took wave 1. Wave 6 was conducted by YouGov between 8th May 2015 and 26th May 2015.

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British Election Study Panel 2014-2015
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