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Airborne measurements of HC(O)OH in the European Arctic: A winter – summer comparison

Benjamin T. Jones, Jennifer B.A. Muller, Sebastian J. O'Shea, Asan Bacak, Michael Le Breton, Thomas J. Bannan, Kimberley E. Leather, A. Murray Booth, Sam Illingworth, Keith Bower, Martin W. Gallagher, Grant Allen, Dudley E. Shallcross, Stephane J.-B. Bauguitte, John A. Pyle, Carl J. Percival

Atmospheric Environment. 2014;99:556-567.

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This study represents the first airborne, in-situ measurements of HC(O)OH in the European Arctic, across the winter and summer seasons. HC(O)OH concentrations are under predicted at present, particularly in the mid to high northern latitudes. Data presented here probe unconfirmed sources of HC(O)OH in the Arctic, and would suggest an ocean source of HC(O)OH is more significant than proposed land sources in both winter and summer environments. A maximum concentration of 420 ppt was recorded over the ocean during the July 2012 campaign. This was more than 1.7 times greater than the maximum land concentration reported. Calculated estimates on HC(O)OH production would suggest diiodomethane photolysis could represent a significant source of HC(O)OH in marine environments in the European Arctic. Enhanced HC(O)OH concentrations observed at altitudes greater than 2 km particularly during the March campaign highlight the significance of long range transport on the European Arctic budget. In addition, two HC(O)OH vertical profiles between the altitudes 0.3 – 6.6 km are presented to provide a more representative vertical profile for this latitude which may be used to improve forthcoming regional and global modelling of the HC(O)OH budget.

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