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How best to halt and/or revert UV-induced skin ageing: strategies, facts and fiction.

LĂĽbeck, R, Berneburg, M, Trelles, M, Friguet, B, Ogden, S, Esrefoglu, M, Kaya, G, Goldberg, D, Mordon, S, Calderhead, R, Griffiths, CEM, Saurat, J, Thappa, D

Exp Dermatol. 2008;17( 3):228-40.

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Once considered mainly a cosmetic issue, photoageing research has long moved to the forefront of investigative dermatology. Besides obvious market pressures, increasing insight into the mechanistic overlap between UV-induced skin cancer and UV-induced skin ageing has contributed to this development. Also, as strategies that work to antagonize intrinsic skin ageing/senescence may also be exploited against photoageing (and vice versa!), it has become an important skin research challenge to dissect both the differences and the overlap mechanisms between these interwined, yet distinct phenomena. Finally, the current surge in putative 'antiageing' products, devices, and strategies - too many of which boldly promise to fight and/or repair the perils that come along with a lifetime spent in the sun in the absence of convincing evidence of efficacy - makes it particularly pertinent to critically review the available evidence to support often made antiageing claims. The current CONTROVERSIES feature, therefore, aimed to provide both guidance through, and critical voices in, the antiageing circus. Here, a panel of experts defines relevant key problems, points the uninaugurated to intriguing aspects of photoageing that one may not have considered before, highlights promising strategies for how best to halt and/or revert it, and spiritedly debates some controversially discussed approaches.

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