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Hardware and software design for an electromagnetic induction tomography (EMT) system applied to high contrast metal process applications

X Ma, A J Peyton, S R Higson, A Lyons and S J Dickinson

Measurement, Science and Technology. 2006;17/1:111-118.

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This paper presents the latest development of an EMT system designed for use in the metal production industry such as imaging molten steel flow profiles during continuous casting. The system that has been developed is based on a commercial data acquisition board residing in a PC host computer and programmed in the LabView graphical language. The paper reviews the new EMT hardware electronics and software. The noise effects and the detectability limits of the system are given in the paper followed by the system sensitivity map analysis. Optimal image reconstructions, including the simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique (SIRT) and non-iterative Tikhonov regularization, truncated singular value decomposition (TSVD), are also discussed and applied for the system. The system has been demonstrated in real time (10 frames s−1 for 5 kHz excitation) with test phantoms that represent typical metal flow profiles such as central, annular stream and multiple streams.

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