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Proteomic analysis of suction blister fluid isolated from human skin.

Macdonald, N; Cumberbatch, M; Singh, M; Moggs, J G; Orphanides, G; Dearman, R J; Griffiths, C E M; Kimber, I

Clinical and experimental dermatology. 2006;31(3):445-8.

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The regulation of cutaneous immune responses in health and disease is mediated locally by proteins such as cytokines and chemokines. We used a novel approach involving proteomic profiling of fluid drawn from suction blisters to compare and contrast protein expression in normal skin with that in nonlesional skin from a patient with plaque psoriasis. We also examined the impact of exogenous interleukin-1beta, a proinflammatory cytokine, on protein expression in these tissues. Described here are the results of proteomic profiling of 670 proteins from blister fluid, and the identification by differential expression of nine proteins between one volunteer with psoriasis and one normal volunteer. Although the apparent disease association of these nine proteins will require validation using additional volunteers, the identification of candidate protein biomarkers through proteomic analyses of blister fluid represents a promising approach for monitoring the disease activity and efficacy of therapeutic intervention in human skin diseases.

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