Manchester eScholar Services

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How do I ... edit my records in Manchester eScholar?

For guidance on how to log-in to My eScholar see log-in help.

Once you are logged in you may edit any one of your records as follows,

Step 1: When you log in to Manchester eScholar you will be directed to a personalised section of the service called My eScholar. To edit an object that you have previously submitted click the 'My scholarly work' tab. This tab displays all of your scholarly works contained within Manchester eScholar in a summary grid. Select a table column to sort rows in ascending/descending order. When you have located the record that you wish to edit click 'Edit' in the 'Actions' column. This will open up the record for editing.

Note: you can only edit objects in Manchester eScholar that belong to you or an individual who has assigned you delegated management rights for their scholarly work.

Step 2: Once you have opened the object's record you will be taken to the 'Add metadata' tab of the edit form. You can edit all of the fields within the tab. You can enter new information into blank fields or delete existing information. You cannot, however, change the type of scholarly content, e.g. change a journal article to a book chapter.

Step 3: After you have made all of the necessary edits within the 'Add metadata' tab you can either click the 'Jump to submit' button to complete the edit, or click the 'Attach files' and/or 'Set permissions' tab to make edits to the attached files and/or the level of access that you wish to grant your record.

Step 4: Once all edits have been completed click the 'Submit' tab and press 'Confirm edit'. You will see a submission confirmation message to confirm that your edits have been successful. All edits will then be saved as part of the record and your object will be updated on any lists that it may appear on.