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How do I ... submit a journal article to Manchester eScholar?

This page provides step-by-step instructions for submitting a journal article to Manchester eScholar. Before proceeding you must be logged into your My eScholar account.

Step 1: Log-in to your My eScholar account via the Manchester eScholar Services home-page. For guidance on how to log-in see How to I ... login to My eScholar.

Step 2: When you first log in to your My eScholar account the 'View summary' section is open by default. Here you see a brief grid summary of your scholarly works contained within Manchester eScholar. If you have already submitted journal articles to Manchester eScholar then you can click the 'Add journal article' link directly from this section.

If you are submitting a journal article for the first time click to expand the 'Add scholarly work' section and from the full list of content types that can be submitted click 'Add journal article'.

Step 3: The submission form is seperated into tabs. The first tab of the submission form allows you to provide a bibliographic description of your journal article. This information is also referred to as 'metadata'.

None of the fields are mandatory. You can provide as little or as much information as you feel necessary. The metadata fields are seperated into 'Key' and 'Supplementary' groups. The 'Supplementary' fields are collapsed by default. Click 'Supplementary metadata' to display the extra fields.

Step 4: When you have completed your metadata entry you can either press the 'Jump to submit' button to complete your submission; or, if you wish to attach a file/s to your record then go to the 'Attach files' tab.

The 'Attach files' tab allows you to attach a 'Pre-peer review', 'Post-peer review (non-publisher's document)', or 'Post-peer review (publisher's document)' version of your journal article. A link is provided to the SHERPA/RoMEO directory of publishers copyright statements for you to check which version you have permission to attach. You can also attach up to ten supplementary related files.

Step 5: To attach an individual file click the 'Browse' button to locate and select the file that you wish to attach. Once you have identified the file click 'Open'. Repeat this process until you have attached all files. To confirm the attachment of the files click the 'Attach files' button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: To set the level of access for your submission (metadata record and any attached files) click the 'Set permissions' tab. On this tab you will be asked whether you wish for your submission to be made 'hidden' or 'visible'. If you press the 'Jump to submit' at any point during your submission and bypass this tab then your submission will be set as 'visible' by default.

'Visible' records will be available to view by anybody with access to the World Wide Web. 'Hidden' records are only visible to you and for internal administrative purposes within the University.

Step 7: To complete your submission go to the 'Submit' tab and click the 'Confirm submission' button.

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