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Delegated management

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What is delegated management?

Manchester eScholar allows a staff member (delegator) to grant another trusted staff member (delegate) the right to manage their scholarly works contained within My eScholar.

Delegates are enabled to:

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Who is eligible to be granted delegated management rights?

Any University member of staff or PG student can be granted delegated management rights for any other University member of staff or PG student.

It is permissable for a University member of staff or PG student to have delegated management rights for groups of academics. For example, an individual can have delegated management rights for all members of a particular research unit, school or faculty.

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How are delegated management rights established?

The principal method for establishing delegated management rights is through the Preferences tab on the My eScholar page. From this tab individuals can submit a request that one or more trusted members of staff or PG students be granted delegated management rights for their scholarly work. From the same tab individuals can also request to be granted delegated management rights for another member of staff or PG student.

When an individual requests delagator/delegate status then an email is automatically sent to the relavant individual/s concerned instructing them to confirm that they agree that the relationship may be established.

Alternatively, requests for delegated management rights can be submitted directly to the Manchester eScholar support team. A list of delegators and delegates must be provided along with the University SPOT numbers for all individuals for the delegator/delegate relationships to be established. The Manchester eScholar support team will establish these relationships and report back once done. This mechanism may be prefered by Schools/Faculties who wish to assign rights for all their staff to one or a few trusted individuals (e.g. research managers, clerical staff).

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How can research support staff prepare?

Manchester eScholar is used as the data source for the University's annual Research Profiling Exercise. It is important that research support staff (e.g. research business managers, research development managers) identify where delegated management rights may need to be established within their local community. This is necessary in order to successfully fulfil the requirements of the Research Profiling Exercise and how this activity relate to research outputs.

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