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Electronic theses

For postgraduate research students

NOTE: From July 2nd 2014 the University no longer requires you to submit print copies of your final post-examination thesis.

Postgraduate research students are required to submit an electronic version (ETD) of their examination and final corrected thesis.

This applies to students studying towards the qualifications:

  • Doctor of: Philosophy (PhD), Engineering (EngD), Enterprise (EntD), Business Administration (DBA), Medicine (MD)
  • Master of: Philosophy (MPhil), Research (MRes, certain Schools only)

The three things you need to do are,

Students use My Manchester to do their submission,

For further information read our,

For administrators and librarians

University postgraduate administrators provide local support for students in their respective faculties and schools, and manage electronic (and print) submission of theses.

Librarians in the The University of Manchester Library ensure all theses are correctly catalogued and preserved for future generations.

Postgraduate administrators and librarians can find further information at,