Manchester eScholar Services

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Note: From March 2016 Manchester eScholar will be replaced with a new Research Information System called Pure. Once Pure goes live, programmatic access to data related to research outputs via the Manchester eScholar API will be permanently unavailable. To discuss existing integrations with the API please contact us via email at

Query builder

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Search hints

  • You can search for an individual word e.g. latin
  • You can widen your your search using more words e.g. cell biology will find items that contain cell or biology
  • You can search for a specific phrase by using double quotes e.g. "cell biology"
  • Search is not case sensitive e.g. physics will also find Physics and PHYSICS
  • You can search for combinations of words using the AND and OR operators e.g. greek AND latin which find items that contain both words
  • Use the * character for any word or part of a word e.g. electr* will find electricity, electron, electrical and electrophoresis
  • Use the ? character to match any individual character as part of a word e.g. characteri?ation will find characterisation and characterization